Air date: 9/22/86

The last survivor of the planet Melmac crashes into Willie Tanner's garage.


On the Road Again

Air date: 12/8/86

The Tanners cannot leave ALF at home alone so Willie takes him camping with the family and ALF gets lost in the woods.


Pennsylvania 6-5000

Air date: 10/13/86

ALF calls Washington and Willie is accused of being a terrorist and is thrown in jail.


For Your Eyes Only

Air date: 11/3/86

ALF is lonely and meets a blind woman named Jodie.


Looking for Lucky

Air date: 10/6/86

ALF is accused of eating the Tanners' pet cat Lucky, so he decides to search for him.


It's Not Easy Bein' Green

Air date: 3/30/87

Brian must sing an asparagus song for school but he is nervous so ALF gives him a lucky tooth.


Strangers in the Night

Air date: 9/29/86

ALF is left at home with the Tanners' neighbor Mrs. Ochmonek.