Edith has Jury Duty

Air date: 3/9/71

Edith is chosen to set on a jury for the most important murder case in the country and is sequestered away from her family, which doesn’t please Archie at all. And when Edith’s lone dissenting vote causes the deliberations to run even longer, there’s no telling when she’ll be going home.


Archie is Worried about His Job

Air date: 3/16/71

When Archie learns his company is about to cut off 20% of its personnel, he stays up all night worrying, waiting for a phone call from the night guard at work who is trying to find out who’s getting cut. And since he’s up worrying, the rest of the family might as well stay up and worry with him.


Gloria Discovers Women’s Lib

Air date: 2/23/71

Gloria devours some books about women’s lib and attempts to convince her family that they are all equal. When Mike won’t take her seriously, Gloria moves out. But Mike’s man concern isn’t where or not his wife is returning or being alone with Archie and Edith; it’s something much more important: his grades.


Success Story

Air date: 3/30/71

One of Archie’s old Army buddies, who is now a wealthy man, arrives from Beverly Hills for a little reunion at Archie’s with some of the other guys. But although Eddie looks like a million bucks on the outside, he reveals to Mike that he’s a little bankrupt on the inside.


The First and Last Supper

Air date: 4/6/71 Edith accepts a dinner invitation from Mrs. Jefferson, but Archie refuses to go and cancels. When Lionel puts Archie on the spot, the Jeffersons end up bringing dinner over the Bunkers. Well, at least Mrs. Jefferson does – Mr. Jefferson refuses to have dinner with them and has gone to the Mets game instead.