Meet the Bunkers

Air date: 1/12/71

In this pilot episode, it’s Archie and Edith’s 22nd wedding anniversary, and Gloria and Michael have planned a surprise brunch to celebrate. But a heated discussion that leads to the question of whether or not Archie is prejudiced alters the party atmosphere.


Writing the President

Air date: 1/19/71

It starts with a disagreement over what to watch on television, and escalates after Gloria comes home with organic food. When Archie learns that his meathead son-in-law has written a letter to President Nixon about what’s wrong with America, Archie decides to write one as well – telling him what’s right.


Oh, My Aching Back

Air date: 1/26/71

When Archie is rear-ended by a Jewish woman while moonlighting for a cab company, he looks through the yellow pages to find a lawyer to represent him. When the “token gentile” shows up, Archie throws him out of the house and demands to be represented by the Jewish owner of the firm.


Judging Books by Covers

Air date: 2/9/71

When Mike and Gloria prepare a fancy lunch for their visiting friend Roger, Archie insists that their friend is gay. Ironically, it’s Archie’s tough beer-drinking buddy Steve who sets the record straight: Roger isn’t gay – but Steve is!