The Magnificent Steven

Air date: 5/13/07

Determined to make men of Steve and his friends, Stan saddles up for a mad cow cattle drive. Meanwhile, Roger ignites a catfight in the Smith household.


Joint Custody

Air date: 5/20/07

Would-be bounty hunters Stan and Roger race to apprehend Jeff, Hayleyís slacker boyfriend, who is wanted on marijuana charges.


The Vacation Goo

Air date: 9/30/07

When she discovers that all of the familyís previous vacations have been artificial memories created by C.I.A. chicanery, Francine demands the real thing, and itís almost too good to be true.


Meter Made

Air date: 10/7/07

While Hayley poses nude for Rogerís art class, Stan is sentenced to doing community service as a meter maid and abuses his newfound power.


Dope & Faith

Air date: 10/14/07

Stan prays for and gets a new friend, who just happens to be an atheist.


Big Trouble in Little Langley

Air date: 11/4/07

Feeling disrespected when Francineís adopted parents arrive for a visit, Stan sets out to find her birth parents. Meanwhile, Steve goes to extreme measures to score points with the class hottie.


Air date: 11/11/07

Stan uses brainwashing to prevent Hayley from moving to France, but he soon realizes that the consequences could be deadly.


The 42-Year-Old Virgin

Air date: 11/18/07

Stan has something to lose when his buddies discover that he has never actually killed anyone before.