Bush Comes to Dinner

Air date: 1/7/07

President Bush has dinner with the Smiths, and the drunken debauchery that ensues threatens to take down the presidency.


American Dream Factory

Air date: 1/28/07

Hayley turns whistleblower when Stan opens a teddy bear sweatshop staffed with cheap, undocumented workers.


A.T. the Abusive Terrestrial

Air date: 2/11/07

Rejected by Steve, Roger finds a new best friend and becomes involved in an abusive relationship. Meanwhile, Stan and Francine campaign to save Mr. Pibb from being discontinued.


Black Mystery Month

Air date: 2/18/07

While doing research for a report on George Washington Carver, Steve uncovers a sticky murder mystery and a sinister conspiracy dating back to the Civil War.


An Apocalypse to Remember

Air date: 3/25/07

Fearing nuclear annihilation, Stan moves the family to a remote mountain location, where he soon realizes his mistake. Meanwhile, Roger concocts a scheme to get a free blender.


Four Little Words

Air date: 4/1/07

Stan must conceal the truth when Francine’s friend is killed on a blind date with Stan’s boss. Elsewhere, Roger cuts footloose with a killer Kevin Bacon impression.


When a Stan Loves a Woman

Air date: 4/29/07

Feeling emasculated by Francine’s promiscuous past, Stan sets out for a night of meaningless sex and gets more – and less – than he’d bargained for.


I Can’t Stan You

Air date: 5/6/07

After discovering that none of his neighbors likes him, Stan has them all evicted, and Steve pays a heavy price when he joins Roger in a moneymaking scam.