With Friends like Steve’s

Air date: 5/7/06

Stan takes a liking to Steve’s new friend, but without his meds, the kid’s a real loose cannon. Roger, meanwhile, rages at a frat party as only he can.


Tears of a Clooney

Air date: 5/14/06

The Smiths head to Prague, where an irked Francine plans on breaking George Clooney’s heart and Roger happily exploits foster children.


Camp Refoogee

Air date: 9/10/06

Steve tries to make the most of his summer vacation when Stan inadvertently sends him to a refugee camp in Africa, while some harmless role playing gets out of hand for Roger and Francine.


The American Dad After School Special

Air date: 9/17/06

After meeting Steve’s new overweight girlfriend, Stan develops a fitness obsession, leading to a bout with anorexia.


Failure is Not a Factory-Installed Option

Air date: 9/24/06

Stan is outwitted at the local car dealership, costing him more than just his pride, and Steve opens a makeshift drive-in movie theater hoping to score with the girls.


Lincoln Lover

Air date: 11/5/06

Steve is stunned when Stan experiences a fundamental change of heart at a mixer for gay Republicans.


Dungeons and Wagons

Air date: 11/12/06

The stakes are high when Stan takes up illegal street racing in order to spice up his marriage, and Hayley takes on Steve in an online fantasy role-playing game.


Iced, Iced Babies

Air date: 11/19/06

Francine’s desire to have another baby drives Stan to desperate measures, and Roger proves to be unexpectedly inspirational when teaching at the local college.