Stannie Get Your Gun

Air date: 11/20/05

When Hayley shots her moth off on gun control, Stan stages a fake robbery to show her the value of firearms, but he ends up taking the bullet. A stolen cookie leads Roger to exact sweet revenge on Steve.


Star Trek

Air date: 11/27/05

As the new bad boy of children’s literature, Steve goes suddenly out of control – running with scissors, talking to strangers, and angering Roger, who vows to kill him.


Not Particularly Desperate Housewives

Air date: 12/18/05

It’s an affair to remember when Francine tries to join a prestigious housewives’ group, and Stan and Roger make a fuss over Fussy, the family newly adopted dog.


Rough Trade

Air date: 1/8/06

When Stan and Roger agree to trade places with one another, Roger enters the cutthroat world of car sales, and Stan finds that drinking wine and watching game shows isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


Finances with Wolves

Air date: 1/29/06

Along with the rest of the mall, Francine’s new muffin kiosk is threatened when Hayley joins a renegade band of extreme conservationists. Steve, meanwhile, is convinced he has become a werewolf.

It’s Good to be the Queen

Air date: 2/26/06

It’s an ‘80s flashback as Stan insists on dancing with the homecoming queen at Francine’s class reunion. Meanwhile, Steve gleans wisdom from Mitch, the pizza delivery guy.


Roger ‘N’ Me

Air date: 4/23/06

Stan is in serious denial when a bachelor party weekend in Atlantic City takes his friendship with Roger to a whole new level.

Helping Hands

Air date: 4/30/06

Steve becomes suddenly popular when his steroid use has two big side effects, and Francine tries to gain Hayley’s respect by becoming a doctor – for the Handicapped Mafia!