Roger Codger

Air date: 6/5/05

When Roger slips into a coma, the Smiths think he’s dead and dispose of his body, and while the family copes with their “loss”, Roger awakens, only to find himself being pursued by the CIA.


Homeland Insecurity

Air date: 6/12/05

Stan suspects that his neighbors are terrorists, but he winds up terrorizing the neighborhood himself with his over-the-top investigation.


Deacon Stan, Jesus Man

Air date: 6/19/05

Stan competes with his “smug bastard” neighbor to become deacon of his church, and Steve accidentally gets pregnant as Roger goes through his alien reproductive cycle.


Bullocks to Stan

Air date: 9/11/05

Eighteen-year-old Hayley is sleeping with Stan’s boss, Bullock, but Stan can’t say to do anything about it because he’s up for a promotion!