American Dad

Air date: 2/6/05

Stan rigs the school election to help Steve score with girls, but the pan backfires when Steve wins and becomes drunk with power.


Threat Levels

Air date: 5/1/05

Stan steals Steve’s lucrative idea to stage and videotape “bum lights”, in which homeless men are forced to beat one another senseless, but when Steve helps the translents organize, Stan is forced to step into the ring himself!


Stan Knows Best

Air date: 5/8/05

Hayley takes a job as a stripper after moving into her boyfriend’s van. Meanwhile, Stan claims that Roger is his horribly disfigured burn victim sister to gain sympathy points and “get boob” at the school dance.


Francine’s Flashback

Air date: 5/15/05

After forgetting his anniversary, Stan arranges to have the last 24 hours of Francine’s memory erased, but a bungling technician accidentally erases 20 years, sending Francine back to relive her days as a teenager.