Sally Forth

Air date: 2/9/99

Dick is in a dispute with the Dubceks because Mrs. Dubcek won't fix his sink until he pays the rent, and he won't pay the rent until she fixes his sink. Eventually, Mrs. Dubcek ends up shutting off the Solomons' power, while Vicki invites Harry to move in with them. Sally has other things on her mind; after voicing to Officer Don that she is fed up with living with the other Solomons, he has proposed to her - but she doesn't know if she is ready. Meanwhile, Tommy deliberately lands himself in detention with his dream girl Alissa, so that he has a chance ask her out.

Paranoid Dick

Air date: 2/16/99

When a meeting is rescheduled without her having been notified, Mary begins to have doubts about the longevity of her position as Dean, and Dick leads her to become paranoid that there is a conspiracy to have her removed from her job. The pair decide to investigate, and end up breaking into Judith's office by night for evidence, only to be caught by the police. Vicki Dubcek decides that the best thing Sally needs to help her get over her break up with Don is a weekend of riverboat gambling on the Cincinnati Queen, a floating casino - where Harry manages to win big, while Sally gets her lips on a Neil Diamond impersonator.

The House that Dick Built

Air date: 2/23/98

Dick begins to feel that the unit is falling apart when Sally announces her plans to move out, and he tries in vain to clip her wings. That isn't the last of his problems, however, since Harry is considering having a baby with Vicki - despite the possibility that it could turn out to be an alien. Meanwhile, Tommy sees babysitting with Alissa as an opportunity to prove to a dubious Harry that she really is his girlfriend.

Superstitious Dick

Air date: 3/2/99

Dick is up for a prestigious grant but his chances look somewhat marred when he and Mary receive chain letters, and Mary, upon throwing hers away, becomes victim to a series of misfortunes. Dick looks toward superstitious rituals and lucky charms for help. Don treats Tommy and Alissa to a series of ice hockey games for which he bought tickets for when he was dating Sally, but Tommy begins to worry that he isn't manly enough to compete with the likes of the players. Sally and Harry visit a hardware store, where Sally takes a liking to a series of workers, while Harry is mistaken for an employee, due to his bright orange shirt.


Air date: 3/16/99

Dick realizes that he doesn't know how to use a computer and strives to learn how to use one. When he does it takes over his life and he becomes a recluse. Sally and Tommy decide to do away with their old TV in favor of a newer, better one, but end up becoming addicted, wanting all the latest features. Harry and Vicki, however, are trying to get pregnant, but the medical-science part of it is turning Harry off.

Dick 'The Mouth' Solomon

Air date: 4/6/98

When at an Italian restaurant, Sally meets an Italian-American man and begins dating him. After learning that he is known as Sammy 'The Butcher' Marchetti, she and Tommy assume that he is some kind of mobster, and when he starts giving Tommy errands to run, Tommy is delighted to think that he is an errand boy for the mob. Sally, however, is less than happy. Mary suggests that she and Dick go on a couples retreat so that they can work on their communication skills. Despite her good intentions, everybody, including Harry and Vicki, embraces Dick's openness and criticizes her for pointing the finger.