Dr. Solomon's Traveling Alien Show

Air date: 9/23/98

Randy "sells" Harry to a circus, where he achieves popularity as the act "Hargo the Alien". In order to try and find him, Tommy and Vicki visit a psychic, but it turns out that she's actually seen the Hargo act herself and so knows where Harry is. Meanwhile, the loss of Harry means that the aliens' annual status report cannot be sent, so the Big Giant Head punishes Dick for not submitting it by slowly shutting down his brain.


Power Mad Dick

Air date: 10/7/98

After Mary is made the new Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Dick uses her position to his advantage and ends up firing his arch nemesis, cafeteria worker Lucy, who then files a grievance. Sally prepares to lose her virginity to Don, but afterwards finds that she cannot talk to anyone about it, much to the other Solomons' annoyance.


Feelin' Albright

Air date: 10/14/98

Dick attends a function with Mary and finds that, because she is Dean, he is ignored by everybody except the wives of the other Deans. In order to prove his worth, he decides to hold a fashion show to raise enough money to have the dilapidated statue of Admiral Pendleton restored. Meanwhile, Sally is horrified when she learns that Don had dated other women before her, and strives to track them all down. Harry and Tommy try to raise their own funds by setting up a lemonade stand. .


Collect Call for Dick

Air date: 10/21/98

The Solomons discover a brand of new collectibles called Fuzzy Buddies (a parody of Beanie Babies) when eating at a fast food diner, and Dick soon becomes so obsessed with collecting them that he begins to lose control of his family's finances. Tommy's coach is annoyed at his lack of team 'pep' and so makes him the school mascot - a giant owl called Hootie. Things goes wrong, however, when Tommy becomes so high on school pep that he attacks the coach.


What's Love Got to Do, Got to Do with Dick

Air date: 10/28/98

Dick is annoyed that Mary, in her new position as Dean, has little time for him anymore, and is even more annoyed when he is told that he has to share is office with new professor Jennifer Ravelli. Despite his initial dislike, and attempts to stay loyal to Mary, he soon begins to fall for Ravelli. Sally tries to fix Nina up with Don's cop friend Eric, but becomes irritated when they don't take to each other. At Happy Doug's bar, Tommy fixes up an old 'love tester' machine but is disappointed when it classifies him as 'cold fish' and Harry 'hot stuff'.


I Am Dick Pentameter!

Air date: 11/4/98

In order to be with Jennifer, Dick breaks up with Mary, who agrees, doubting that he'll find another woman and not knowing that he already has. After a few dates with Jennifer, Dick begins to find her annoying, especially her like of rhyming her words with his. Meanwhile, Sally, Harry and Tommy experiment at home, by first swapping the furniture from the kitchen with that of the lounge, and then moving all of it into one room.