36! 24! 36! Dick! - Part 2

Air date: 1/25/98

In order to successfully infiltrate the ranks of the Venusians, Sally has offered herself up as a soldier and been taken to San Diego. Dick, Harry and Tommy eventually catch on and follow the women down there to try and rescue her and save the world from their master plan - to steal Earth's supply of 'good stuff'. Back in Rutherford, Don, Rico, Mrs. Dubcek and Judith settle down to watch the Super Bowl on TV.


Pickles and Ice Cream

Air date: 1/28/98

Harry runs into trouble when his dog-like pet 'Pickles' from the Solomon's home planet somehow makes it to Rutherford - in human form. Meanwhile, Sally pretends to be pregnant to get in with a group of expecting women, but Officer Don finds out and panics.


Auto EuroDicka

Air date: 2/4/98

Dick meets a woman in line at the cinema and ends up having casual sex with her in his car, however he soon runs into trouble when he brags about it and discovers that it was the mother of one of his students, Bug. Sally is shopping for her own car and becomes enthralled by a Dodge Viper; however, she cannot afford it and becomes increasingly exasperated with the salesman, who, she believes, is intent on spoiling her happiness.


Portrait of Tommy as an Old Man

Air date: 2/25/98

Tommy is tired of being treated like a kid and decides to retire so that he can act the age he truly is (being the oldest of the group in alien form). At work, Mary reveals to Dick that she'd always dreamed of being a torch singer, so he decides to try and help her realise this. Meanwhile, Don unwittingly ends up stealing one of Sally's panties, and makes a series of attempts to return it without being caught.


Stuck with Dick

Air date: 2/25/98

Dick decides to try and win back Mary's heart with a romantic champagne evening, and thinks it a lucky opportunity when the pair of them end up locked in the university library all weekend. Sally, Harry and Tommy, meanwhile, are determined to stop the pair getting back together and head to Mary's house to intervene, where they get distracted and end up running up her Pay-TV bill and hosting a Tupperware party that she'd planned.


My Daddy's Little Girl

Air date: 4/1/98

Mary's father arrives in town, announcing that he and his wife are separated, but unfortunately for Mary, he soon begins dating Sally. Meanwhile, Harry and Tommy stumble upon Pendleton's old radio station, where Harry takes the controls and begins a newfound career as a shock jock.


The Physics of Being Dick

Air date: 4/15/98

Dick demands that Sally and Harry get jobs, so Harry gets work in a bar (Happy Doug's) and Sally as Mary's research assistant. However, upon finding out that Sally has chosen Mary's subject (anthropology), he worries that physics is too boring and strives to spice it up for Tommy's career day. After this goes badly wrong he decides that he wants to be a cop, like Don.