A Friend in Dick

Air date: 11/19/97

Dick has two theatre tickets for Peter Connolly's 'King of the Jig' left over from when he and Mary were dating, but upon realizing that he doesn't have any friends to accompany him, he forges a friendship with Don and becomes jealous when Don wants to spend time with his other friends. Meanwhile, Sally's 'artist' boyfriend Seth voices his dislike of Connolly and Sally decides to lure him to Johnny Foam's, while Tommy forces Harry to go to night school and earn a diploma, so that he can have the things his friends do.


Tom, Dick and Mary

Air date: 12/3/97

Tommy decides that he needs to find a woman who is closer to his real age, and pursues Mary, kicking up a fierce rivalry between himself and Dick. Elsewhere, Sally finally gets a proper job, but her boss begins to sexually harass her, while Harry is under orders not to watch any TV for a week, since Dick thinks he is watching too much of it.


Seven Deadly Clips

Air date: 12/3/97

Clip show in which the Solomons review how some of their past experiences on Earth have involved the Seven Deadly Sins.


Jailhouse Dick

Air date: 12/17/97

Dick takes care of a felon called Eddie because he feels he can make an honest man out of him, however things just end up going wrong. Dr. Albright is fed up with her dog Pepper and enlists Sally's help in finding a new home for him. Back at home, Harry struggles to complete a book report on Little Women for night school.


Dick on a Roll

Air date: 1/7/98

After falling down the stairs while wheeling around in a wheelchair, Dick ends up in one, and leads a campaign to have a second ramp added to his building at Pendleton. Harry is delighted when Vicki Dubcek returns, but less than happy when she announces her newly established celibacy. Tommy, however, is annoyed because he isn't old enough to get into a nightclub that Sally and the others are frequenting.


The Great Dickdater

Air date: 1/21/98

Dick finally announces that he is ready to start dating again but finds that the women of Rutherford don't want him. Meanwhile, Tommy and Harry find somebody's wallet and return it to him, but after Mrs. Dubcek asks them how much in reward they were given, they stalk the owner until he coughs up.

36! 24! 36! Dick! - Part 1

Air date: 1/25/98

When Rutherford becomes swamped with beautiful women who can't wait to date average joes like Dick, Harry, Tommy and Officer Don, Sally begins to suspect that something's amiss and takes it upon herself to investigate. Meanwhile, one of Mary's old students has sent her tickets to Super Bowl XXXII in San Diego and she and Nina attend.