Guilty as Dick

Air date: 2/2/97

While adjusting a vent for Mary, Dick falls and sprains his ankle. Mary feels guilty and tends to Dick's every need while he lies hurt in bed, and he soon comes to realize that this could be used to his advantage. Meanwhile, Harry is tired of sleeping on the washing machine and is seeking a new bedroom, so builds a den in a tree. Elsewhere, Tommy struggles to sell chocolate for school, until he realizes that he can use Sally's sex appeal.


A Dick on One Knee

Air date: 2/16/97

Sally meets a French immigrant called Michel, who asks her to marry him so that he can remain in the country. Sally and the Solomons are overwhelmed, but Mary thinks that it is too soon. Meanwhile, Tommy is sent out to find a bouquet for the wedding and discovers that he has a talent for arranging flowers. Dick, inspired by Sally's wedding plans, talks about marriage with Mary.


Same Old Song and Dick

Air date: 3/9/97

Dick feels that his relationship with Mary is in a rut, since it doesn't appear to be as exciting as it used to be, and strives to find new ways of livening it up. Meanwhile, Sally and Harry switch jobs, with Sally spending all day watching television and Harry doing all the shopping and housework; however, while Harry loves his new job, feeling a sense of purpose, Sally cannot stand doing nothing all day. At school, Tommy is delighted when he discovers that August is not as perfect as he thought.


I Brake for Dick

Air date: 3/16/97

Dick becomes upset when he accidentally hits a chipmunk with his car and becomes an animal rights activist, refusing to allow his family to wear or eat anything that is made from animal products. Meanwhile, Harry has become a scout and is breeding ants in the house, but Dick won't let Sally kill them. Tommy, however, feels guilty because he neglected to ask August to the school dance, and is trying to pen a letter to an agony aunt in the paper.


Dick Behaving Badly

Air date: 3/23/97

When the Solomons accuse Dick of being "whipped" by Mary, Dick decides to try and become his own man, enlisting Harry's help to do so, and tells her that he won't be attending the party that they are holding. Meanwhile, Sally and Tommy have a showdown with the game Monopoly, but it begins to spiral out of control, with each of the pair taking it too seriously.



Air date: 4/13/97

Mary is trying to get in with Rutherford's high society, so she lets them use her house for an auction. She invites Dick, and her upper-class neighbors take to him immediately, and he earns the pair of them an invitation to their clubhouse. Meanwhile, Sally and Harry take up wrestling each other at home, while at school, Tommy tries to impress a girl by becoming a punk.


Sensitive Dick

Air date: 4/27/97

When Dick's class annoys him, he makes them write humiliating letters to their parents apologising for wasting their money, and they file a complaint against him. He is required to attend sensitivity training classes, and subsequently becomes unprofessionally soft and loving, earning him a second complaint, which lands him in a hearing. Meanwhile, Mrs. Dubcek's daughter Vicki returns for her high school reunion and Harry escorts her as her date. Sally persuades Officer Don to let Tommy behind the wheel of his squad car, so that he can learn to drive.