See Dick Continue to Run - Part 1

Air date: 9/22/96

Evil Dick' proceeds to take over the Solomon family and boss them around. He asks them to fetch a list of materials with which he secretly plans to spawn his own private army of clones; he then asks Mary to dinner at his house, hoping to lure her into bed. Just as Sally, Harry and Tommy have had enough of 'Evil Dick', Harry discovers that the real Dick is still locked in the basement.


See Dick Continue to Run - Part 2

Air date: 9/22/96

The Solomons free the real Dick, who arrives upstairs to find his evil counterpart wooing Mary in the living room. Dick is upset by this, and retreats outside to the Rambler, but his family tells him that they've had enough of his evil counterpart, and convince Nice Dick to take on and defeat Evil Dick.


Hotel Dick

Air date: 9/29/96

Now that he is growing closer to Mary, Dick begins to feel that he should tell her the truth about where he and the others really come from. Unable to find the right situation in which to do this, however, he takes his family to a sci-fi convention, where Sally falls in love with the room service at the hotel, orders far too much, and racks up an enormous bill.


Big Angry Virgin from Outer Space

Air date: 10/6/96

Relationships are in trouble; Sally and Mr. Randall are fighting because Mr. Randall feels that Sally takes charge of their relationship, and Dick suggests that having sex might solve the problem. Meanwhile, Tommy's girlfriend August decides to test his loyalty to her by pretending that her face has been disfigured in an accident.


Much ado about Dick

Air date: 10/13/96

Mary doesn't want anybody in the department to know that she and Dick are having a relationship, but Dick doesn't understand why. Meanwhile, Sally runs into Officer Don again and decides that she wants to become a cop, much to Dick's horror. Tommy is frustrated because he doesn't have any transportation.


Dick the Vote

Air date: 10/27/96

The local park is about to be developed and when Harry accidentally ties himself to a tree with his bike, he is mistaken for an activist and asked to run for city council. However, Dick struggles to understand the concept of each person's opinion counting, believing there to be a right and a wrong party to vote for, and that Harry is the wrong party. Meanwhile, an underhand opposition leader hires Officer Don to dig up dirt on Harry, hoping to damage his campaign and stop him from winning.


Fourth and Dick

Air date: 11/3/96

It's homecoming weekend and everybody is excited about the football game, except for Dick, who can't understand what all the fuss is about, and believes Pendleton University to have no chance of winning. Harry gets a job as a member of security staff at the game, and Sally befriends Nina and accompanies her, while Tommy falls for his glee club teacher, and invites her to the game in the hope of hitting on her.