Selfish Dick

Air date: 5/14/96

Finding out another professor is leaving and a better office is available, Mary is able to get it over an older professor; however, Dick misses her and schemes to get her back into the old office with him. Meanwhile, after fainting when Mrs. Dubcek cuts her finger, Sally ends up in the hospital, and the family ends up acting like doctors from every medical drama they have seen, until they are caught.


See Dick Run

Air date: 5/21/96

Mary finally agrees to a date with Dick, and eats out with him at a Japanese restaurant, where Dick shows off his skills at chopping up food. The pair then retire to bed and finally have sex for the first time. Bad news arrives, however, after Tommy's report to the Big Giant Head results in him deciding that they've wasted their six months on Earth, and he announces that a replacement for Dick will be sent shortly.