Angry Dick

Air date: 4/2/96

Dick befriends his next door neighbor, while Sally befriends his wife, but when the Solomons drop by to pay a visit in the early hours in the morning, their friends become angry. Dick visits his friend to apologise and offer him a gift, but he becomes angry at trying to be bought, and the pair end up fighting.


The Dicks, They are a Changin’

Air date: 4/9/96

Nina tells Dick that she can't find any graduate records on him, which causes him to panic and act defensively. This leads Mary to note that Dick is often secretive about his past, and, while reminiscing about her rebellious time at Berkeley in the sixties, conclude that Dick is actually Manny Rosenberg, an activist whom she briefly knew, who is in hiding from the FBI. Dick first denies this, but then realizes that his presumed identity may have made him more attractive to her. Meanwhile, Harry joins a CD club, but finds the responsibilities of membership overwhelming.


I Enjoy Being a Dick

Air date: 4/21/96

Dick starts to feel outcast from the others in his office, feeling that because he is male, he is excluded; he becomes especially annoyed when he can't come to Mary and Nina's women-only study group. Meanwhile, Sally and Harry get a job at a pancake house, where Sally becomes irritated at the lack of tips, and Tommy considers telling his girlfriend August the truth about where he and his family really come from.


Dick like Me

Air date: 4/23/96

When Nina arrives at work in an ethnic headdress, Dick begins to realize that the Solomons have no ethnic group, and takes it upon himself to research them all and decide which one is the "best". Meanwhile, Sally falls for Tommy's teacher, Mr. Randall, who invites her to attend the school dance with him; however, she becomes nervous when she realizes that she doesn't know how to dance.


Assault with a Deadly Dick

Air date: 4/30/96

After the radio is stolen from the Rambler and Dick gets mugged at an ATM, Sally begins to worry that she is failing in her job as Security Officer for the unit, and the family files a police report with officer Don.


Father Knows Dick

Air date: 5/7/96

Dick decides that he is now Harry's father, and tries to treat him as a son, but Harry wants to know what his use on the alien's mission is, and Dick and tells him about the radio receiver in his head. Unfortunately, Harry becomes angry and runs away from home. Meanwhile, Sally goes on a date with Mr. Randall and meets his mother.