Lonely Dick

Air date: 2/20/96

When Mary goes away on vacation, Dick misses her badly and, in desperation to find contact details for where she is staying, takes Nina out for dinner and plagues her for details; however, when this doesn't work, he breaks into Mary's house. Meanwhile, Sally and Harry become addicted to skin care products that promise them eternal youth, and Tommy meets a girl called August Leffler, whom he begins to date.


Body & Soul & Dick

Air date: 2/27/96

During a party honoring him, an obnoxious, sexist professor dies, and his will reveals that he wants Dick to deliver a "forthright and honest" eulogy about him, despite the fact that he is a universally despised man. Meanwhile, Tommy neglects his girlfriend August in favor of hitting it off with an "easy" cheerleader.



Air date: 3/5/96

Dick wants the family to get along and stop irritating each other, and thinks that they can learn family values from observing Dr. Albright and her loopy brother Roy, so he invites them to dinner. However, the Solomons panic when Roy claims to have previously been abducted by aliens. Meanwhile, August is annoyed with Tommy, because Dick made him cancel his date with her to have dinner with Mary and Roy.


Truth or Dick

Air date: 3/12/96

Dick discovers the consequences of telling the truth when he repeats some of Dr. Albright's comments about how boring the academic committee are, at an academic committee meeting he attends. Predictably, Mary is annoyed, and enlightens Dick to the concept of 'bending the truth'. Meanwhile, Sally and Harry attempt to get a driver's license, but discover that it is more difficult that they'd expected.


The Art of Dick

Air date: 3/19/96

Harry cannot seem to find anything he is good at, but after painting the side of Mrs. Dubcek's house, decides that he might be good at art, and takes a class in art. However, Dick becomes annoyed when Harry turns out to be much better at art than he is. Meanwhile, Sally, in a strong and dictatorial way, takes over the bake sale at Tommy's high school.


Frozen Dick

Air date: 3/26/96

Mary and Dick are going to Chicago to be presented with awards for teaching, but upon getting on the plane, Dick panics and gets the pair thrown off. They begin to drive there but when it snows, Dick panics again, believing the flakes to be alien. He commandeers the car, but promptly crashes it, leaving the pair of them deserted at a truck stop. Meanwhile, Harry gets a job in a video rental store and takes it upon himself to rearrange all the videos according to his preference, while Sally, believing the human race to be dead, attempts to re-start mankind with Dick's student Leon, who arrives to drop off some homework.