Brains and Eggs

Air date: 1/9/96

An alien expedition lands in Rutherford, Ohio, where they take on the form of what they think is a typical human family. Although only intending to stay for a couple of weeks, the aliens rent an apartment from carefree landlady Mrs. Dubcek, Dick acquires a job as a Professor of Physics at the nearby Pendelton State University, and Tommy is sent to school. However, Dick, upon discovering the concept of emotions and acting on his infatuation with Dr. Mary Albright, extends their mission on Earth.


Post-Nasal Dick

Air date: 1/16/96

The aliens become sick for the first time and jump to the conclusion that they are dying. Despite being unwell, Dick accompanies Mary to a wedding, where he tries, in vain, to hide his ill health from her. However, after drinking far too much cough syrup and making a scene both during the service and at the party, Dick is taken home by Mary, where, believing he doesn't have much time left, he tells her he loves her.


Dick's First Birthday

Air date: 1/23/96

The aliens discover the concept of age and Dick chooses a birthday. However, after Mary gives him a card that jokes about him looking "like a million dollars…old and wrinkled", he becomes offended and struggles to come to terms with his being 'over the hill', and so strives to become young again, by dying his hair and wearing ridiculously tight leather trousers.


Dick is from Mars, Sally is from Venus

Air date: 1/30/96

Sally has her very first date, but becomes upset when he doesn't call her back afterwards, so Dick asks Mary and Nina to take her out and drown her sorrows. Meanwhile, Tommy starts high school, and Dick tries to bond with him in a fatherly way.


Dick, Smoker

Air date: 2/6/96

Dick discovers the habit of smoking and becomes addicted. Sally becomes aggravated when he doesn't listen to her complaints, and wishes that he didn't have authority over her. However, while looking for somewhere to light up, Dick accidentally locks himself in a stairwell, and Sally declares herself High Commander.


Green-Eyed Dick

Air date: 2/13/96

When an old boyfriend of Mary's makes a re-appearance, Dick experiences the human feeling of jealousy. Meanwhile, Harry adopts a stray dog, but Mrs. Dubcek is allergic to dogs and will not allow him to keep it in the house, so he gives his dog to a single mother Kate.