12:00 PM 1:00 PM

Air date: 1/19/09

Jack flushes the Maobos out of their safe room. Renee investigates the situation at the embassy, but is captured by Emerson. Jack is ordered by Emerson to kill Renee, but he fakes her shooting by grazing her neck; however, he and Tony are then ordered to bury her. Agents Larry Moss and Janis Gold deal with an Attorney General investigation into the sniper's interrogation and subsequent death. Henry learns that Agent Gedge, his Secret Service guardian, is a co-conspirator; Gedge paralyzes Henry with a drug, and then hatches a plot with Agent Vossler to kill both Henry and Samantha before they can unravel the conspiracy.


1:00 PM 2:00 PM

Air date: 1/26/09

Emerson suspects a double motive and pulls a gun on Jack, forcing Tony to kill Emerson. Jack and Tony reveal their true allegiances to the Matobos and convince them to be handed over to Dubaku's men so that Jack and Tony can track them to Dubaku. Bill and Chloe rescue Renee and bring her into their operation. Nichols, one of Dubaku's co-conspirators, arrives to collect the Matobos in exchange for diamonds. Nichols deems Tony a loose end and orders him killed, but Jack kills Nichols' men from a vantage point. Forced to accept the exchange, Nichols leaves with the Matobos. Colonel Dubaku causes two airplanes to collide near the White House, killing at least 271 people, but President Taylor still refuses to withdraw her forces from Sangala. With the help of Vossler, Gedge lures Samantha to her apartment and kills her in front of a paralyzed Henry. Gedge attempts to stage a murder-suicide, but he is killed when Henry regains mobility.


2:00 PM 3:00 PM

Air date: 2/2/09

Jack, Tony, Bill, Chloe and Renee track the Matobos to Dubaku, who is attempting to sabotage a chemical plant remotely with the CIP device. Jack's team rescues the Matobos, kills all of Dubaku's team, and destroys the CIP device before the attack can succeed. Michael Latham, the CIP programmer, is killed in the raid. Dubaku escapes and manages to kidnap Henry through Vossler, who was waiting outside Samantha's apartment. Jack and his allies, now exposed, decide to collaborate with those in the government least likely to be corrupted. As the team arranges a meeting with President Taylor, Tony stays at Bill's house to follow up another lead and also because he fears he will be arrested for his illegal activities while with Emerson's group.


3:00 PM 4:00 PM

Air date: 2/9/09 Jack and the team arrive at the White House, where they gain the support of President Taylor. Dubaku threatens to kill Henry if President Taylor does not withdraw from Sangala. Jack and Renee, with Larry's cooperation, locate Vossler and his family. Jack interrogates Vossler while Renee threatens his family; he learns of Dubaku's whereabouts, but is forced to kill Vossler in self defense. Dubaku is forced to leave the hideout to deal with a matter involving his girlfriend, Marika. Jack and Renee infiltrate the hideout and kill Dubaku's men, but not before one of them shoots Henry in the abdomen.